The Colgate Pep Band is extremely grateful for the generous support we have received from our alumni. Your contributions, both during your time at Colgate and since graduating, have helped to maintain our band as a symbol of Colgate pride and spirit. We would especially like to thank all of the alumni who have donated to help keep our group up and running; your support is absolutely invaluable and we could not keep doing what we are doing without you. To all our alumni, if you are ever visiting campus or simply would like to reach out, we would love to hear from you. We hope you will come back and visit us soon!

A special shout-out to alumnus Robert Masters who helped us put together our alumni directory!

Alumni Directory

Welcome to the Colgate Pep Band Alumni Directory! We have tried to trace our history back as far as we can, but we could always use your help! If your name is missing or you see an error on our list, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Class of 2020

Co-Director: Chloe Ellison/Victoria Peluf
Co-Drum Major: David Elacqua/Joey Bluhm
Business Manager: Brian Weber
Secretary: Audrey Chan
Equipment Manager: Ben Yanowitz
Equipment Manager: Kat Housewright
Graduating Class
Andrew Lapp
Brady Mediavilla
Brynn April
Chris Kim
Lizzy Moore
Mary Festa
Matt Freniere
Ryan Rios

Class of 2019

Director: Ryan Rios
Drum Major: David Elacqua
Business Manager: Andrew Lapp
Secretary: Chloe Ellison
Equipment Manager: Ben Yanowitz
Equipment Manager: Caitlyn Butze
Graduating Class
Cameron Pauly
Doug Whelan
Harrison Jung-Chen
Kyle Rhodehouse
Sydney Bird
Victoria Arnold

Class of 2018

Director: Mary Festa
Drum Major: Lizzy Moore
Business Manager: Chris Kim
Secretary: Victoria Peluf
Equipment Manager: Andrew Lapp
Equipment Manager: Caitlyn Butze
Graduating Class
Alex Albrecht
Miranda Gilgore
Travis Rothdiener
Abby Stanton

Class of 2017

Director: Amy Walendziak / Alex Albrecht
Drum Major: Kyle Rhodehouse
Business Manager: Victoria Arnold
Secretary: Ryan Rios
Equipment Manager: Mary Festa
Equipment Manager: Chris Kim
Graduating Class
Courtney Benoit
Julia Carlson
Bryan Dewan
Michael Hogg
Luke Musetti
Amy Walendziak

Class of 2016

Director: Alex Albrecht
Drum Major: Kyle Rhodehouse
Business Manager: Abigail Stanton
Secretary: Victoria Arnold
Equipment Manager: Brianna Holmes
Equipment Manager: Doug Whelan
Graduating Class
Alex Marrone
Bailey Graves
Dani Osman
Emily Crone
Gary Mucci
Jack Warren
Kellyann Hayes
Melissa Haller
Monica Murphy
Toni Stickler
Warren Dennis

Class of 2015

Director: Amy Walendziak
Drum Major: Sara Cummings
Business Manager: Bryan Dewan
Secretary: Andrew Roetman / Courtney Benoit
Equipment Manager: Alex Albrecht
Equipment Manager: Abigail Stanton
Graduating Class
Matt Brauner
Sarah Byer
Annie Hoefler
Michelle Sagalchik
Lloyd Sarpong
Niki Schroeder
Nick Yap

Class of 2014

Director: Sarah Byer
Drum Major: Monica Murphy
Business Manager: Kellyann Hayes
Secretary: Kate Hardock / Nick Yap
Equipment Manager: Amy Walendziak
Equipment Manager: Bryan Dewan
Graduating Class
Benn Ayd
Erik Barro
Andrea Blatz
Ross Brown
Haley DelPlato
Cate Gropper
Gia Higgins
Beth Mahoney
Rachel Petersen
Tyler Reeve
Jesus Reyes

Class of 2013

Director: Michelle Sagalchik
Drum Major: Cate Gropper
Business Manager: Monica Murphy
Secretary: Dani Osman
Equipment Manager: Kellyann Hayes
Equipment Manager: Toni Stickler
Graduating Class
Joelle Crabtree
David Haimes
Eddie Jacob
Ashley Johnson
Xavia Publius
Jesse Reiber
Emily Walek

Class of 2012

Director: Jesus Reyes
Drum Major: David Haimes
Business Manager: Andrea Blatz
Secretary: Emily Walek
Equipment Manager: Niki Schroeder
Equipment Manager: Annie Hoefler
Graduating Class
Karen Bascom
Sarah Gerd
Bianca Koerfer
Lauryn McNair
Amy North
Brian Piotrowski
Andrea Sciarratta
Nolan Sheppard
Max Staffa
Erin Weller

Class of 2011

Director: Bianca Koerfer
Drum Major: Cate Gropper
Business Manager: Max Staffa
Secretary: Joelle Crabtree
Equipment Manager: Andrea Blatz
Equipment Manager: Jesus Reyes
Graduating Class
Elora Apantaku
Brian Bender
Catie Carr
Carrie Coverdale
Paige Cross
Kevin Kurkul
Eugene Riordan

Class of 2010

Director: Brian Piotrowski
Drum Major: Steve Barrientez / Eugene Riordan
Business Manager: Amy North
Secretary: Max Staffa
Equipment Manager: Ashley Johnson
Equipment Manager: Eddie Jacob
Graduating Class
Justin Freedman
Maggie Mariani
Randi Nordin
Mike Peterson
David Pokorny

Class of 2009

Director: Kevin Kurkul
Drum Major: Eugene Riordan
Business Manager: Catie Carr
Secretary: Lauryn McNair
Equipment Manager: Bianca Koerfer
Equipment Manager: Brian Piotrowski
Graduating Class
Jeremy Bennett
Will Bennett
Sarah Hesler
Kyle Ramie
Amy Russo
Brian Solis
Christian Savage
Lyndsey Werking
Ryan Zinski

Class of 2008

Director: Sarah Hesler
Drum Major: Carrie Coverdale
Business Manager: Maggie Mariani / Will Bennett
Secretary: Eugene Riordan
Equipment Manager: Kevin Kurkul
Equipment Manager: Kyle Ramie
Graduating Class
Bethany Carr
Jesse Eisenberg
Eric Hansen
Cait Kennelly
Alli O’Leary

Class of 2007

Director: Jeremy Bennett
Drum Major: Brian Solis
Business Manager: Eric Hansen
Secretary: Randi Nordin
Equipment Manager: Justin Freedman
Equipment Manager: David Pokorny
Graduating Class
Keith Altavilla
Anne Ameno
Mike Bernstein
Abby Cahill
Robert Masters
Sarah Miller
Jon Smith
John Yao

Class of 2006

Director: Mike Bernstein
Drum Major: Jesse Eisenberg
Business Manager: Robert Masters
Secretary: Alli O’Leary
Equipment Manager: Sarah Hesler
Equipment Manager: Ryan Zinski
Graduating Class
Ethan Bennett
John Brooks
Danielle Crawford
Trevor Daly
Jeanne Hansen
Christine Swanson

Class of 2005

Director: Abby Cahill
Drum Major: Keith Altavilla
Business Manager: Mike Bernstein
Secretary: Anne Ameno
Equipment Manager: Robert Masters
Equipment Manager: Cait Kennelly
Graduating Class
Amanda Smith
Liz Newton
Dave “JJ” Hyson
Shamina Chastain

Class of 2004

Director: Ethan Bennett
Drum Major: John Brooks
Business Manager: Amanda Smith
Secretary: Jeanne Hansen
Equipment Manager: Keith Altavilla
Equipment Manager: Abby Cahill
Graduating Class
Mike Orlando
Jeff Goodrich
Jesse Bocinski
Jay Barr

Class of 2003

Director: Jesse Bocinski
Drum Major: Mike Orlando
Business Manager: Jeff Goodrich / Jarmin Russell / Ethan Bennett
Secretary: Liz Newton
Equipment Manager: Trevor Daly
Equipment Manager: Amanda Smith
Graduating Class

Class of 2002

Director: Marty Bair
Drum Major: Jill Ramsier
President: Jane Pinchin
Business Manager: Jesse Bocinski
Secretary: Allison Taylor
Equipment Manager: Amanda Smith
Graduating Class