Band Camp

The Colgate Pep Band invites you to become a member of our group and to join us for our annual pre-orientation band camp. Whether you are a beginner or have been playing for years, the Pep Band is a great way to continue performing on your instrument in a casual and fun setting. Band camp is a perfect way to make lasting, meaningful friendships right from the start of your Colgate experience!

As representatives of Colgate, the Pep Band seeks to put on the highest quality of performances possible (while still having fun, of course!). In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to have time before classes start to rehearse for the upcoming athletic seasons. Band camp is held approximately 3 days before first year orientation each August. This time gives us the opportunity to prepare our repertoire of over 50 songs; learn our tailgating, pre-game, and half-time routines; and help new students acclimate to college life.

A typical band camp day consists of morning and afternoon rehearsals in the athletic center. Between and after rehearsals, there is time to eat as well as down-time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Central New York weather. Band members enjoy socializing and re-connecting after a long summer apart, and first years have the opportunity to make new friends before the start of classes. All meals are provided courtesy of the Pep Band, and many are even home-cooked by our lovely band officers! Each day, we also try to engage in other fun, traditional band activities like our annual Pep Band football game, frisbee games, and the end-of-camp barbecue.

While first years are not required to attend band camp, it is highly recommended! In addition to being a great way to make friends, officers and upperclassmen are there to help every step of the way with your transition to college. We spend many hours rehearsing, but there is also lots of fun to be had. Band camp is truly a great way to start off your college experience.

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