Business Manager

victoriaHello! My name is Victoria Arnold, and I’m the Business Manager of the Colgate Pep Band. I’m a junior from Colorado Springs, CO, and I play the flute. I am a geology major (rocks rock), and in addition to Pep Band, I’m in the University Chorus, the student wind ensemble, and tutor at the local elementary school with a program called Liberty Kids.

As Business Manager, I do whatever I can behind the scenes to help the Director keep the band running smoothly. Primarily, this means that I keep track of band funds, helping to purchase the plentiful amounts of food and merchandise that we provide free (!!!) to band members. I’m also in charge of the less glamorous job of paperwork, a necessary evil in order to arrange our many fun band events and away trips.

In high school, I was very involved in marching band and wind ensemble, and it was a huge part of my life. When I came to Colgate, I was determined to try new and different things, and cut back on the time I spent doing band, because I was a little burned out.  However, I really love music and wanted to keep it in my life. I wasn’t sure about joining Pep Band at first, but I heard about it at a freshman activity fair event and decided to consider it. After being convinced (read: dragged) to the first practice by a friend, I found a wonderful community there. I really love it, and it made me remember why I was so involved with band in the first place. I have made many of my friends there and it’s lovely to be able to continue playing my instrument. If you are at all interested in joining, we’re all welcoming and very nice, so please fill out the recruitment page, or feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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