Equipment Manager


Hello everyone! My name is Mina Head and I’m one of the Equipment Managers for the Colgate Raider Pep Band. Also, I’m a trombone player native to Sammamish, Washington (~3600 miles away). In addition to Pep Band, I am a member of the Colgate University Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Ballroom Dancers (don’t know how to dance), and a frequenter of the gym. Honestly, my major is dynamic but am dabbling in English, Music, Computer Science, Math, Women’s Studies, and History (David Elacqua thinks I’m going to be a Chemistry Major.) I have a twin sister who plays the flute but she goes to school far, far away. I am passionate about peanut butter, colorful clothing, humanizing pedagogy, and duck ponds.

As an Equipment Manager, I am responsible for organizing and distributing material owned by the Pep Band, including sheet music, rental instruments, flipbooks, uniforms, and any new Pep Band swag (there’s lots of it!) Additionally, a large bulk of my job involve my role in band camp pre-orientation; I meet with my other officers to organize a fun band camp, reorganize and update flipbooks, and help the incoming freshmen make a smooth transition into their first year at Colgate.

One could argue that I was (and still am!) a nut for anything music. In high school, I played in Marching Band, Wind, Jazz and Percussion Ensembles, Brass Quintet, All-State, Solo & Ensemble; I spent every free moment in something music-y and all my friends were musicians. When I came to Colgate, I was worried that I would lose the spunk that accompanied all of these music activities, but Pep Band quickly turned me around. I met lots of cool people that I am still getting to know, and also get to participate with in other musical activities (like in Orchestra, Jazz, Music Classes.) Aside from the many sports games we get to play at, there are also very cool activities like the away-trip we try to do each semester. I can confidently say that I’ve made a strong group of friends and good home-base here with the Colgate Pep Band. If you’re unsure about Pep Band or worried about the time commitment, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and find out for yourself- we’re flexible! Please feel free to send me an email with any questions, concerns, thoughts, anything at all.


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