Equipment Manager


Hey, everyone. My name is Caity Marentette, and I am one of the co-equipment managers for Colgate’s Pep Band. I am currently a freshman from Sevierville, Tennessee, which basically means my county nearly hugs the borders of North Carolina. My main instruments are the bass clarinet and the bagpipes (the latter is a long story), but for pep band, I play the soprano Bb clarinet and the tenor saxophone. My intended major is likely to be either history or anthropology. In addition to pep band, I am also a member of Colgate’s quiz bowl team, and I work as a student caller in the Office of Annual Giving.

As one of the Equipment Managers, my responsibilities include stocking and organizing the pep band room with instruments, maintenance tools, uniforms, sheet music, and flip folders, among other items. Furthermore, I am responsible for distributing these materials and keeping logs on them, ensuring that equipment that belongs to the pep band gets returned in a timely fashion. Being an equipment manager is a year-round responsibility, although the bulk of the work lies prior to the pep band pre-orientation, in which equipment managers organize and update music in the flip folders, make the pep band room accessible to members old and new, and help to create an inviting environment for incoming freshmen and new pep band students.

In high school, my membership in my marching, concert, and pep band identified myself on campus. From about fifth grade onward, I was always “that band geek,” and most of my friends in high school were also heavily involved in musical organizations. When I enrolled at Colgate, however, I was unsure if I could or would want to fit music into my schedule. For this reason, I was initially on the fence about joining pep band, but in retrospect, I am so incredibly glad that I did. Pep band is flexible with everyone’s schedules, so if you’re unable to make it to a meeting, there are no penalties. Most of my friends on campus are in the pep band, and the group as a whole creates a very warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere that made me feel welcome. After pep band camp and the first few practices, I was hooked, and I knew that Colgate’s pep band had become my second home. If you too are unsure whether pep band is right for you, I suggest stopping by for a practice and getting to know a few of its members. I’m also happy to answer any inquiries about pep band at any time! From the pep band to you, we all hope to see you at practice next year.

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