Equipment Manager

Kat photo.pngHello everyone, my name is Kat Housewright, class of 2023, and I am one of two Equipment Managers for the Colgate Raider Pep Band. I’m from the very small town of St. Jacob, Illinois, meaning I associate far more with the St. Louis area than anything to do with Chicago. I am (French) horn player by trade, meaning I play mainly mellophone for the Pep Band (though can pick up the trumpet if the need arises). I am also a member of the Colgate Symphonic Band, Lambda (and the LGBTQ+ initiatives at Colgate as a whole), and I’m technically the current secretary of the Painting and Drawing Club here on campus. As for major, the current idea is to major in History and minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies, but I’m too indecisive to say that for sure right now. Other interests that haven’t already been expressed here include my passion for writing, my determination in crafting, and my obsession with too many series/movies/shows/etc. to list here.

As an Equipment Manager, I am responsible for organizing and distributing elements such as sheet music, instruments, flipbooks, and various uniforms/other attire. Additionally, I am involved in a lot of responsibilities surrounding the pep band pre-orientation program, AKA band camp. This includes making sure everyone has what they need to participate (especially organizing flipbooks), planning fun events, and generally making sure there is a safe and inviting environment for everyone who wishes to join the Pep band.

In high school, I was one of the die-hard band geeks. I took lessons, did every competition available to me, and genuinely enjoyed the family and experiences that came along with both concert and marching band. When looking at colleges, I was that kid who asked about the university’s pep/marching band, because I couldn’t imagine not having that outlet for de-stressing that was such a big part of my life in high school. Colgate’s pep band wasn’t very prominently featured at the time, but thankfully I found this website and put my name on the list shortly after I decided to come to Colgate. And boy am I glad I did so; I went through Pep Band Pre-O and into the school year and came out of my first semester at Colgate with more great friends than I ever expected to have in college. Pep Band is great because it’s enough commitment to make all these friends, with practices and games every week, but it’s also flexible enough that if you can’t make anything on Fridays or just aren’t feeling up to practice, you can just shoot the director a quick message and it’s no big deal. Even if you’re not sure about pursuing music in college or aren’t the biggest college sports fan, I highly recommend stopping by a practice to say hi or just walk over for a chat at a game, we’re always glad to see new faces interested in the pep band. Feel free to email me with questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas, or anything at all (directly pep band related and not) and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Hopefully I’ll see you at practice!

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