Equipment Manager

maryHello! My name is Mary Festa and I am one of the Equipment Managers for the Colgate Raider Pep Band. I am from Smithtown, a town in Long Island, NY. I am a sophomore here at Colgate, and am currently undecided about my major. My main instrument is clarinet, but in the Pep Band I play tenor saxophone. In addition to the pep band, I am an officer in the Wind Ensemble, and am an active member of DoRAK (Do Random Acts of Kindness) and DAPAs (Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors).

As Equipment Manager, it is my responsibility to keep track of the materials owned by the Pep Band and keep an updated inventory of supplies, including music, instruments, jerseys, and any free stuff that the Pep Band may receive throughout the year (which is more than you may think!). It is also the job of the Equipment Managers to carry extra supplies that people may need for their instruments during Pep Band rehearsals and games. One of the most important times is during band camp, where the flip folders must be organized and updated, as well as making sure the pre-orientation runs smoothly.

I was extremely involved in music in high school, especially within the marching band and wind ensemble, so once I committed to Colgate I inquired about the Pep Band immediately. I knew I wanted to continue music in college, and hoped that there was a sense of community within the Pep Band like there was within my band in high school, and was not disappointed. Getting accustomed to my first year of college was much easier when I had a band full of new friends by my side, and joining Pep Band certainly allowed me to become more comfortable at Colgate. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions at all – I definitely did this before coming to Colgate, so don’t hesitate! I’d love to hear from you, and I hope you consider joining the Pep Band.

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