What is a pep band?
A pep band is a group of musicians who perform in the stands at athletic events to pump up the crowd and the team. We’re kind of like a marching band and have the same instrumentation, except that we typically don’t march. Unlike a marching band, we perform at a lot more sporting events including football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and lacrosse.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of being in Pep Band?
Other than getting the best seats at all sporting events, receiving hundreds of dollars of free food and clothing, and getting to publicly represent Colgate at both home and away events, the Pep Band is simply a fun group dedicated to having a great time and showing Colgate spirit. There are really no disadvantages to being in the band.

Do I have to audition to join the band?
No. Anyone at any level of musical experience is welcome to join the band.

Are instrument rentals available?
Yes. We have almost every wind and percussion instrument available for rental. Let us know in advance if you need a rental in case we do not have your instrument in stock. That way, we can find one for you before you arrive on campus.

What goes on at band camp?
To learn more about band camp, visit the about band camp page.

What is the time commitment required to be a member of the band?
As much or as little as you want! We have rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and typically play at 1 to 2 games per weekend. Attendance requirements are flexible, which makes it easy to balance Pep Band with school work and other activities.

Who is in charge of the group?
The Pep Band is completely student run. Our officer corps, elected each December, consists of a Director, Drum Major, Business Manager, Secretary, and two Equipment Managers. To learn more about our officers, visit the members page.

Does the band ever march?
Yes, no, maybe? Typically, we exclusively perform in the stands, however we have occasionally done some marching in the past. It really depends on the current leadership and whether the members want to march. No one will ever make you march if you feel uncomfortable or are not interested in it.

Does the band travel to away games?
Yes. While we don’t have the financial means or time to attend all away events, we try to go to as many away games as possible. Though we support many Colgate teams, we typically only travel for football and hockey games.

What sort of uniform does the band wear?
The Pep Band has 3 main uniforms that all members receive for free. At most sporting events, including football, we wear maroon and white striped rugbies (they’re not as hideous as they sound) like most Division I pep bands. At hockey games, we wear custom Colgate Pep Band hockey jerseys. At indoor sports like basketball and volleyball, we wear maroon Pep Band t-shirts.

Can I receive credit for participating in Pep Band?
Members have the option to receive 1 physical education credit for participating in Pep Band. To be eligible, students must have been in Pep Band for 1 year and have good attendance at practices and games for an entire semester.