RyanHello! My name is Ryan Rios, and I am the Secretary of the Colgate Pep Band. I am a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA (so the moment it hit below fifty degrees in Hamilton, I was dead), and I play the baritone saxophone in the Pep Band, but I’ve also played percussion in my high school’s drumline, and my main instrument is the electric bass. I intend to major in Computer Science and Japanese. In addition to being Secretary of the Pep Band, I’m also secretary for the Trivia Club, Colgate Role Playing Game Society (CRPGS), and The Games Afoot, president of the Wind Ensemble, and I’m an Alumni Memorial Scholar. I’m also probably the best Smash player in the Pep Band (mainly Smash 4), and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

As Secretary of the Pep Band, it is my job to write the weekly emails which tell all the members the schedule for the upcoming week, including practices, games, and other Pep Band events. I’m also tasked with taking attendance at all practices and games, and I manage the Pep Band’s social media accounts.

Throughout high school, I was involved in music clubs like the jazz band and the concert band, but I wasn’t sure if Pep Band was something I would want to continue with at Colgate. After being taken to the last day of band camp pre-orientation by a group of friends, I was determined in joining the Pep Band (and coincidentally enough, aside from the Wind Ensemble, it’s the only music-related thing I continued doing at Colgate). Everyone was really friendly from the start, and what mattered to them wasn’t how good you were or how long you’ve been playing, but that you wanted to be there. Getting to know so many people of varying class years right from the beginning really made me feel welcome at Colgate, and most of my closest friendships at Colgate so far have been with people from the Pep Band. They were truly a close community that acted like and welcomed anyone into their family of friends. I’m proud to be part of the Pep Band now, and I hope you would email me with questions you may have about the Pep Band! Although I’d appreciate it if you just want to swap friend codes so we could play Smash 4 (for either 3DS or Wii U) online together.

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