victoria website picHi! My name is Victoria Peluf, and I am the Secretary of the Colgate Pep Band. I’m a sophomore from Minneapolis, MN, and I have a wonderful Minnesota accent, dontcha know (doh-nt-cha noh). I intend to major in molecular biology with a premed focus. I play flute and piccolo in Pep Band. In addition to pep band, I’m a member of the Colgate University Orchestra and an Alumni Memorial Scholar.

As Secretary of the Pep Band, it is my job to write the weekly emails which tell all the members the schedule for the upcoming week, including practices, games, and other Pep Band events. I’m also tasked with taking attendance at all practices and games, and I manage the Pep Band’s social media accounts.

While I participated in many activities in high school, music was by far the most meaningful. With concert band, marching band, pep band, pit orchestra (and so on), I was the quintessential band nerd. Though the musical aspect of these ensembles was amazing, the thing I valued most was the lifelong friendships music inspires. Transitioning to college life was difficult, but Pep Band provided a community unparalleled by any other group on campus. Having a group of experienced upperclassmen (as well as other confused freshmen) to guide me through both the social and academic parts of my first semester was invaluable. If you’re looking for a pressure free group of amazing people to join, the Pep Band is the place for you! If you have any questions about band or Colgate (or really anything), feel free to email me. Hope to see you next year!

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